does penis size correlate with shoe size?

i've always heard that and then realized it's probably not true...but also kind of can't help but wonder. Is there any science to back this up?


  • Yes, actually, penis size is, in fact, related to foot size. Past research with sizable samples has found penis size to be correlated positively with height (Edwards, 1998; Ponchietti et al., 2001) and negatively with weight (Ponchietti et al., 2001), but in one small-scale study (Schneider et al., 2001) it was found to be unrelated to age.

    There has also been a lot of research done with self-reporting.

    Recent studies attempt to describe the correlation between penis size and satisfaction. More than 50,000 heterosexual men and women, ages 18–65, provided an opportunity to examine their perceptions of both their own penis size and the response to their penis size as described by women. About 55% of men in this study claimed they were satisfied with their penis size. Among these men, 46% of them stated that they would be more satisfied with a larger penis. Of that same population, 8% of men described their size as ‘small.’

    Interestingly enough, self-reported penis size was correlated with height. The taller groups of men in the study were two to three times more likely to report having a larger penis. Self-reported penis size was also related to age. Older men are more likely to report large penis size. On a similar token, older men reported the desire to have a larger penis. So even as a man gets older, the desire to be larger is still there.


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