Spotting on an IUD?

Just got an IUD put in and I'm wondering how long spotting can last after the insertion. How long is too long?


  • Hi Nina- I recently had this exact conversation with my gynecologist. From her lips to your screen, spotting is common for up to 6 months after IUD insertion. If spotting goes on longer than 6 months or the amount of blood you see exceeds minor spotting, pay a visit to your gynecologist.
  • It depends on the type of IUD. Copper IUDs ( Paragard) may have some spotting or bleeding after insertion and possibly for a week or two afterward, but then you should return to a somewhat normal ( if, at first, heavier) menstrual cycle. If you had a Mirena (one of the Progesterone releasing IUDs) spotting can occur for up to 3 months afterward but it really should not be daily, and it should not be heavy or painful.  If you had a Kyleena or Skyla placed ( also Progesterone-releasing but with less Progesterone) there is more bleeding or spotting, and more irregularity to the bleeding because they are not as good at controlling the menstrual cycle as a Mirena. 
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