Do vibrators make it harder to have orgasms over time?

When I was younger, I loved getting eaten out. I even liked it more than sex. However, once I started using a vibrator, I realized that I didn't like getting eaten out anymore and I couldn't orgasm from it. Do vibrators make your vagina less sensitive since they provide so much stimulation? If so, is there a way to reverse this by not using a vibrator for a while?


  • idk the science but i feel the same way!!! Like I loved getting eaten out and I still like it to some degree...but it's not gonna make me cum
  • This is a great question.  Here is what I say about this in my book, Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters--And How to Get It (HarperCollins, 2017):

    Once you start reaching orgasm from a vibrator, it’s true that you might get used to reaching orgasm that way. But this isn’t specific to vibrators; it goes for sex in general. If a person gets used to reaching  orgasm one way, it can be harder to reach orgasm in other ways. The solution is to mix up your routine once in a while (e.g., hands sometimes, vibrator others). However, most heterosexual men get used to reaching orgasm from intercourse, and we don’t tell them to give this up and try new ways. So there’s no need to tell women to give up their vibrators if they work! Some women simply need a different kind of stimulation than a partner’s hands or tongue can provide. Quoting sex educator and author Cory Silverberg:

    If you always like to have sex with your vibrator, why not always have sex with your vibrator? Many people hold this belief that “real sex” has to be somehow without any outside influence (no lubricant, no sex toys, etc.). This is a socially constructed idea whose time has passed. Real sex is precisely whatever we say it is, and good healthy sex is anything two (or more) consenting adults engage in for sexual satisfaction. There is no reason not to bring your vibrator into the bedroom and make it a regular part of your sex life

    The bottom line is that there’s no evidence of vibrator addiction or of vibrators causing harm. Conversely, studies show that women who use vibrators have better sexual experiences, including more lubrication, less painful intercourse, and easier and more frequent orgasms. Happy vibrating! 

    I hope this excerpt helps.  But, if you really do want to "re-train" your body, start masturbating in different ways, such as without a vibrator.  As I say above, getting used to reaching orgasm one way isn't unique to vibrators and you can re-train yourself....but if it's working, I say, no need! :)

  • Imagine always eating popcorn with no butter or salt and loving it. Then one day, imagine discovering salted and buttered popcorn. If you then go back and eat regular popcorn, you may not love it as much as you did before. I think what you're saying is psychological and related to this analogy.

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