I'm an insanely jealous girlfriend

It's so hard not to get jealous when my boyfriend is aroused by another woman. I hate it when he watches girls with big butts on social media and I don't like watching porn with him either. Even mentioning his past girlfriends upsets me. Is this normal? I know I get turned on by other men and watch porn all the time, but I conscientiously didn't express that to him because I thought it might make him jealous. Now I don't feel like holding back from saying when I think a dude is hot because I want him to feel jealous, but he says he doesn't care, and wishes I wasn't so jealous either. I trust him, I don't think he'll cheat on me, but knowing that he's aroused by someone other than me drives me nuts. 


  • It's natural to be jealous. Don't worry about it; it's not abnormal for you to feel that way. He's probably also jealous of you checking out other guys, but is masking it to some degree. Recognize your feelings, and don't let it become a regular argument that ruins your relationship. You're beautiful.
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