Lose interest quickly (in sex).

Every time I start to get aroused and fool around with my bf, I lose interest really quickly. It's like I have to be super horny in order to have sex. Otherwise, I just start and then I'm like naaahh. And of course my bf gets really upset, which obviously doesn't help things. Any suggestions for how to stay interested? Oh. and I know it's an option to power through, but I've had bad experiences in the past, so I don't want to have sex when I'm not in the mood because it might make me lose interest altogether and bring up bad memories.


  • first of all, don't power thru if you're not into it. bf can go masturbate in the bathroom if he needs to. Have you experimented at all? Like maybe if you're having super vanilla sex you need to spice it up or something. Get some sex toys involved! Good luck 
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