Bleeding during sex

I'm a woman who is not a virgin and sometimes I bleed during sex. It doesn't really hurt but is that normal? what's happening?


  • Bleeding during intercourse can signal many different things. If it seemed dry and was a little uncomfortable and there was just a little-- like spotting, which doesn't recur without sexual activity then that is most likely from the actual activity itself causing an abrasion in the vagina. If there is bleeding every time you have intercourse but it did not seem dry that can be infection, cervicitis (infection or inflammation on the cervix) or another cervical abnormality. The cervix should ideally be checked to see what's going on. It can also be bleeding coming from inside the uterus-- something that should also be examined.
  • I concur with Rebecca. It can also be a sign of certain skin condition called lichen sclerosus which can lead to structural changes of the vulva. The skin around the opening may fissure which can cause bleeding. Certain medications can also cause tissue changes of the vestibule (vaginal opening) that can lead to fissures which can cause bleeding. I would recommend an examination by a health care provider.

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