Can we get real about dental dams?

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What is a dental dam? How do you even use it, and is it really necessary?  :p


  • A dental dam is a thin sheet of latex that can be used to cover any small area of the body that might expose you or your partner to STI risk. Several STIs, like HSV (Herpes) and HPV, can be transmitted by skin-to-skin contact, so oral sex (for example) can be risky if one person is infected. But you can have safer sex by using the dental dam to cover the higher-risk area.

    Dental dams are usually used to cover someone's vulva, but they can cover any area that you want to protect. Remember that dental dams provide excellent STI protection but are not meant to protect against pregnancy, so if you're having sex that could make someone pregnant, be sure you're using another method as well. And protip: in a pinch, you can simply cut up a non-lubricated condom and use the latex as a dental dam. #SaferSexMacGyver
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