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  • Birth Control
    Pills, IUDs, condoms, oh my! Know your options so you can take control.
    RSS Feed 4 discussions 5 commentsMost recent: How soon does an IUD start working? by RebeccaOctober 1
  • Bodies
    Vaginas, penises, clits, and so much more! The body is a beautiful thing to get to know!
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  • Body Image
    A positive relationship with your body is key for your mental, emotional & sexual health.
    RSS Feed 1 discussion 1 commentMost recent: Not feeling great about myself lately... by KateSeptember 20
  • Dating & Relationships
    Ghosting, fwb, online dating. What does a healthy relationship look like?
    RSS Feed 2 discussions 2 commentsMost recent: body count by AlexBoveSeptember 20
  • Digital Abuse
    Not all abuse is physical. Understand what harassment looks like in the digital era, and how to set boundaries.
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  • Gender
    So, what is gender anyway? Well for starters, it is more than just your organs. Let's talk about it!
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  • Lube
    Proper lubrication is highly underrated. Up your pleasure game. You can thank us later.
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  • Masturbation
    Feeling aroused...hand drifts need to be ashamed! Masturbation is totally normal and healthy (regardless of your gender)!
    RSS Feed 2 discussions 4 commentsMost recent: am i masturbating too often? by birdmanSeptember 14
  • Orgasm
    The more you know, the more you o (or so we've heard...)
    RSS Feed 3 discussions 10 commentsMost recent: Do vibrators make it harder to have org… by letsgetweirdOctober 5
  • Pain & Dysfunction
    Do you experience pelvic pain or sexual dysfunction? Your pain is valid, and you can seek treatment!
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  • Periods
    Monthly bleeding. What a joy. Let's disucuss the ins and outs of dear aunt flo.
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  • Period Problems
    Is your period extremely irregular, painful, or heavy? Learn more about what's going on, ways to cope, and when you should see a doctor.
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  • Porn
    There's a difference between fantasy and reality. Know the distinction. P.S. Porn isn't just for guys!
    RSS Feed 1 discussion 3 commentsMost recent: Is it normal for girls to watch porn? by LishaSeptember 15
  • Pregnancy
    What do those two lines mean and what's next? Let's talk about it.
    RSS Feed 2 discussions 1 commentMost recent: Pregnancy test after unprotected sex by RebeccaSeptember 30
  • Sex
    First time. Oral. Anal. Positions. Libido. Let's talk about sex!
    RSS Feed 2 discussions 1 commentMost recent: Lose interest quickly (in sex). by eatmeSeptember 15
  • Sexual Assault
    Recognize what sexual assault looks like. In all cases, it's not your fault. A violation of consent is never okay, and there are resources for help.
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  • Sexual Identity
    Sexuality is fluid? What does that even mean? Your sexual identity is for you to decide, when and how you want to.
    RSS Feed 1 discussion 1 commentMost recent: Demisexual? by AlexBoveSeptember 20
  • Sex Toys
    Should I buy a vibrator or dildo? Do toys need to be cleaned? halllp.
    RSS Feed 1 discussion 0 comments
  • STIs
    Over 20 million new STI cases each year? It's time to learn what's up, and oh yeah... get tested!
    RSS Feed 4 discussions 2 commentsMost recent: Chances of contracting STI? by RebeccaSeptember 24
  • General
    General discussions
    RSS Feed 2 discussions 3 commentsMost recent: Bleeding during sex by RachelGelmanOctober 11